artist statement

....Drawing upon places I have traveled to and my inner journeys, my paintings reflect the beauty, harmony and mystery found in nature .Like the expressionist painters, my paintings are meant to provoke a feeling or sense of place, rather than the actual scene. I use simple shapes and bright color to convey the emotion to the viewer. The process of painting itself - the physical aspect of applying the paint, the movement of the brush across the canvas, the use of large bold brushstrokes, the layering of the paint on the surface - is the creative process. I quickly paint the entire painting with one large brush, then begin to layer color upon color, to "push & pull" the surface, allowing the painting to evolve, taking on a life and language all of its own. The painting, like the places I have traveled to, becomes an adventure, never knowing where I might end up.

....In exploring the process of abstraction, my paintings lie somewhere in between reality and abstract; still relying on linear perspective but breaking some rules. I refer to my works as "referential abstractions". I usually explore a similar theme by doing a series of paintings until I feel the need to move on. There are infinite ways to capture the inner beauty and emotion of nature. I find the process of painting to be spiritually uplifting and passionate.

About The Artist

Trice is an award winning artist who resides in the San Fernando valley. Her paintings are filled with colors reminiscent of the Fauves and show great expression and passion for the painting process.

Trice has exhibited her paintings at Orlando Gallery, VIVA Gallery, Lankershim Gallery, the L.A. Brewery Art Core Gallery, the Finegood Gallery, Pierce College Art Gallery and various art festivals throughout the Los Angeles area.

Trice is currently represented by the Bridge Street Gallery in Cambria, CA.

Trice is a Signature member of ISAP-USA and a board member and member of both Women Painters West and the Valley Artists Guild.

Her work is also on file at the Los Angeles Slide Registry and she has taught art in the LAUSD Artist in Residence program and is employed by the city to teach at local Community Centers after school programs.